Sunday, 14 August 2011

Recent events

I have not commented on recent events because of the torrent of words that have flooded out of and continue to flood out of the MSM and the blogosphere.

I will however discuss one small point. During the riots I heard comments along the lines of do parents know where there kids are.  It is clear that many of the kids are "feral" and out of control. What hasn't been asked is how many of the parents, usually singular, are anything other than "feral" themselves.

The malaise is multi generational and not limited to the current batch of young men and women.

One small snippit in today's paper struck me. This was about a 15 year old boy accused of raping a 13 year old. "The teenager was bailed to go back to his children's home".  The home is in loco parantis and responsible for the upbringing and behaviour of the boy. Will the responsible adult be disciplined for failing to ensure their charge was not rioting? Is there even such a thing as a responsible adult?

Until we punish public employees who fail to do their jobs then there is no chance of any improvement in any field of society.