Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Job Protection

I welcome last week's decision to allow academy schools to employ real, un-indoctrinated, people to teach. And of course there is now the inevitable response.

"An education expert has condemned a government decision to let academies in England hire unqualified teachers."
"Professor Chris Husbands, director of the Institute of Education at London University said the plan contradicted national and international evidence."
"There is simply no research evidence at all to suppose that lowering the bar and recruiting significant numbers of unqualified teachers will do anything other than lower standards."
However public schools already employ teachers who have not been through the indoctrination system and funnily enough these schools achieve better results.
As far as I can see Husbands comments are a blatant attempt to keep monopoly control of teaching so as to protect the pathetic, qualified, specimens from the rigour of being exposed as useless. I am sure he also wishes to make sure all teachers are indoctrinated in the correct socio-political views.