Thursday, 15 March 2012

Copyright sanity

Copyright sanity by the European Court of Justice. As I read it a small business playing music on the radio will no longer need to pay an annual fee to the multiple parasites claiming to need the money despite already having been paid by the BBC.

Just waiting to hear the bleating from the PRS et al.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Work for free

Confused I am.

One of the ways for a graduate to get ahead these days is to do an unpaid internship.  That is to be a dogsbody for a city institution, charity, or political organisation.

So good are the benefits of internships that the politicians are trying to make sure they are fairly allocated rather than being allocated by the old boys network or raffled for fundraising.

Clearly unpaid work is seen as a great way to start your career.

The Government has various schemes to get the unemployed into work which are basically internships for the oiks. So why are same bien pensant Gaurdanistas that want free access to internships opposed to work experience schemes for those further down the social ladder?