Friday, 14 January 2011

Never volunteer

In principle, other than for very specific jobs, I object to the concept of criminal record bureau, CRB, checks. Effectively the State treats us as guilty until proven innocent.

My middle daughter is a hockey fanatic and I have supported her in this. Her, women only, club needs umpires so I have done my umpiring exam. Her club needed someone to help manage the U16 team. So I help. The club needs someone to look after and umpire for the U12s on Sunday. I offer to do that specifying, for my protection, that there should be a female parent there. I will have to help in-experienced girls put on goal keeping kit so there will be unavoidable contact and in the current climate of suspicion in this country I need a mum present.

Now I am so involved I need a CRB check. I can say no and then everyone will "know" I am some kind of crook or perv. Or I can agree and accept that I am guilty until proven innocent.

If this country were a person it would be treated for paranoia.