Thursday, 12 May 2011

Liberal Democrats? What a laff!

Last night the House of Lords voted down a proposal for elected police commissioners. 13 Limp Dem lords voted to oppose the government's proposals.

The only reason I can think they could oppose the idea is that we might choose a more robust form of policing that deals with our priorities rather than theirs.

Someone remind me why these b*stards call themselves democrats.

If you are interested the picture is of the sheriffs of Maricopa County Arizona. There they have a very popular ELECTED sheriff who pees off the (American) liberals.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

"Child protection"

I help out at my daughter's hockey club. Before I can attend a coaching course I have to pass an online course in child protection. Thursday night I paid up and sat down to the task.

I was cursing after 5 minutes and swearing after 10.  A 100% pass mark is required to prove I had successfully absorbed the content. Not a problem in itself, except the last section, as I could spot the correct PC answers but the course was nothing more than indoctrination.

For example a 21 year coach is in a relationship with a 17 year old player, choose the 2 forms of abuse from a list of 5. Is it physical, emotional, sexual, neglect or bullying. How about none of the above?

What sort of mind sees abuse around every corner? How can the Big Society function with this crap?