Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Work scheme benefit

Today the BBC reports:

Ministers have dropped the threat of sanctions for unemployed youngsters on a controversial work experience scheme.

I have to agree, no loss of benefits if people don't want to  complete a work experience scheme placement.

The right answer is simple. No dole, unemployment benefit for anyone, ever.

Bring in work fare.  Jobs for anyone unable to find one for themselves. No one should have to do work fare but no money for not working.

Not enough jobs for work fare?  There is always more than enough that needs doing.  Are the city streets clean? Are the country byways litter free with manicured grass verges and hand trimmed hedges?  If the worst comes to the worst 1 week a team can dig a football pitch size hole and the next week another team can fill it in again.

There is never a reason for an able bodied person being unemployed.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Minimum wage

 The cartoon says it all really.

Watching question time and they are arguing about youth unemployment.

Simples. Most 16-20 year olds aren't worth £3 an hour let alone the minimum wage. So I don't offer jobs to youngsters.

As it is we are working flat out and could use a few more pairs of productive hands. Trouble is most of the Yuff that wonder through the door are shoved straight back out again.

Elocution and education

I was listening to Radio 4 and caught a programme about failing primary schools.

About half the heads interviewed were unintelligible. How the hell can anyone expect to learn when the teachers and heads are unable to speak properly?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Fred the Shred and the Disgusting BBC

The only good thing I can say about bankers is they are better than banking regulators (and their political masters) so I have little regard for the likes of Fred Goodwin.

I was listening to the BBC this morning and to put it bluntly they got right up my nose.  The BBC seemed to support the idea that bankers bonuses should be repaid if the bank didn't actually make money in the long term. However this morning they were attacking the withdrawal of Sir Fred's knighthood.  But hang on, Fred got the knighthood as a cherry on his pension for services to banking and his bank didn't make a profit in the long term.

So Fred has been forced to repay his knightly bonus which seems to be exactly in line with BBC thinking.  Makes you wonder if all the great and the good at the Beeb who are expecting their honours in due course are worried by the precedent.