Monday, 10 June 2013

Not our problem

"The BBC highlights this case as an example New financial rules for migrants from outside the European Union are tearing UK families apart and causing anguish"

"In one case, a woman from outside Europe had been separated from her British husband and two sons, including a five-month-old baby she had been breastfeeding.
Douglas Shillinglaw, from Kent, is among those to have been affected. His wife is in Lagos, Nigeria, with his five-month old son and her six-year-old son from another relationship."
I can't be the only person who thinks that if a man leaves his wife in another country because he doesn't qualify to bring them to the UK then he is the heartless bastard splitting up the family.  
It's the same as the human rights nonsense about a right to a family life.  If you deserve to be expelled take your family life with you - if they want to go.  No one in the UK is making anyone stay in this country or leave another country.
It's all personal choices and nothing to do with rules.